happy first birthday cremepeach!

It's been exactly one year since the day Sara (blinkoureyes ) and I decided to create a new community full of talented makers.
We saw big and we were right :) In one year we reached over 1200 amazing members.
We want to thank every single makers who were at a point part of the team and the wonderful members who commented on so many posts!
That really means a lot and Cremepeach wouldn't be as it is if it wasn't for you. Sincerely, thank you!
Here is what we planned to celebrate the anniversary!
  • Spam post
  • Read the maker's mind
  • Trivia game
  • Icon battle
  • An all new meme
  • Music post
  • And more!! 

HEATH; #!$


Hi guys, sorry I've been MIA lately, I started my sophmore year and it's hard to balance icons and school. I might be picking up a job soon, so that just adds to the maddness. I have no idea WHO/WHAT to icon so please do me a favor and leave me pictures :) The more pictures you leave, the faster i'll be able to give you a batch. I'd like to give you guys one tomorrow.

+ unlimited requests

+ unlimited picture limit; go crazy please!
+ tell me who i'm iconing
+ anyone is game
+ yeah go crazy,!!